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Psyche and Beyond

Psyche and Beyond is a professional organization that uses their solid psychological background to assist businesses, schools, institutions and communities to run smoothly and productively through mental well-being and mental transformation.


Our fields of competence

Company Mental Wellness Programs

We offer workshops, trainings and development, employee wellness days, teambuilding events. We provide employee assistance programs.

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Ngo’s & Community Building Programs

There can never be total empowerment in any community without mental empowerment from which most life decisions center around.

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School Mental Wellness Talks

Being a student is stressful, but trying to juggle between school and other responsibilities while experiencing mental illness can make the mission seem impossible.

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When thoughts and feelings are interfering with your daily life, counselling can be very helpful. Navigating trauma, depression, and anxiety, or other strains on mental health is complicated.

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While coaching is not therapy, it can be very therapeutic. Having a trained coach can create areas of growth that clear the way for massive personal improvement.

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Together, we can help build a society with amazing mental health.

We can help you with a solution tailored to your businesses, school, institution, community, or you as an individual. Contact us to find out more!

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