Change Your Mindset, Change Your Altitude!

For things to change, your mindset has to change, for things to get better, your mindset has to get better. The greatest blockage in your success journey is your mind.

Mindset is everything, it determines whether you will make it or not. It defines what you think you can achieve and the boundaries you set for yourself. It determines the strength you presume yourself to have. Without the proper mindset, you are a failure before you even begin to try. More than the physical exercise that we do every day, we should exercise our minds. For there is nobody more prepared for success than someone with the correct mindset.

The ability to succeed is not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. Everyone has that great potential to change their mindset and change their attitude. The good thing about your mind is you can alter it to fit new circumstances. According to the neuroplasticity concept, the brain is like plastic, it can be shaped over time.  As long as you tell your brain that you need to change, you can train it for any new skill. Push your mind to the limits and you will find yourself on the doors of success.

Most people do not develop their mindset

No human being is designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary, or dangerous. Our brains are designed to protect us from those things so as to keep us safe and alive. However, in order for you to succeed, you will need to do some of those things that are scary, dangerous, and uncomfortable. You need to take risks. That’s the battle that you need to win first if you are ever going to do anything with your life, the battle of your mind.

Program your mind to stop protecting your body from uncomfortable situations. Because your limitation is not your body, your body can do anything that your mind tells it to. Your limitation, your hindrance is in your mind. If you can conquer your mind then there are no limitations either from outside or from within.  If you need to triumph then you need to have mental toughness.

The major asset to your dream and success is your mind. Condition your mind then you condition your success. Fear exists in your mind, and so does success. We are all telling ourselves a story from our minds. What stories are you telling yourself? There is nothing that your mind can perceive and you will not be able to achieve. It all begins with your mind.

What makes most people fail in life?

Most people do not fail because of external forces. Most people do not need discouragement to fail, their minds are their greatest enemies, and they destroy every dream and every idea that passes through them.

If you can’t visualize your success then you cannot achieve it. You have greatness inside of you, but you have to condition your mind to see it. There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. You can change your house, your car, your clothing, and your spouse but if you don’t change your mind, you wouldn’t have changed much. Because the greatest change of all is that which comes through the mind.

Outward beauty may be overshadowed by a dump mind but a beautiful and strong mind cannot be overshadowed by any outward appearance. When the intelligent speaks the world listens but when the dump speaks, even the world hides its face.

Developing a mindset is however not an easy task. It means challenging your own self, challenging your own beliefs. That is why most people end up sticking with their old beliefs because it isn’t easy. But nothing worthwhile in this life comes easy. Don’t let your mindset be stuck on the easy road. In order for you to get the things that others don’t, you have to do the things that others won’t.

How to overcome

In order for you to be successful, you need to make your mindset your own playground. Teach your mind to see the opportunity in every crisis rather than the crisis in every opportunity. Teach your mind to see positivity in every situation rather than negativity. You cannot achieve anything substantial unless and until you change your mindset. Those who make it in life it’s because they programmed their minds that they would make it. Whatever you can’t achieve in life it’s because you have programmed your mind that you can’t.

You need to develop a growth mindset that makes you realize that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve whatever you set yourself to do; that’s the key to success. Hard work and effort and persistence are important but not as important as the belief that you are in control of your destiny.

 Mindset determines how you react to information and perceive situations.  Program your mind that you need to work hard to achieve something.  Do not have a mindset that gets discouraged by setbacks, do not allow setbacks to dent your belief.

Grow your mindset

Growing your mindset is the best development you can do because a developed mind can achieve anything. Your mindset is far worth more than any financial or business training. Your mindset is more valuable than any degree or any education. It is capable of earning you more in one year than any doctor, engineer, or investor.

Start feeding your mind with the necessary tools for it to grow.

You need to recondition your mind every day because if your mind remains the same,  you will also remain the same. It has to start in your mind. If you want to achieve anything sensible in your life, it’s high time you take your mind seriously

Things you can do to develop your mindset

  1. You need to realize the need for change and growth.
  2. Start practicing your mind to think in a certain way every day.
  3. Push and force your mind every day to think in that way.

Your mindset can affect the way you think about everything. Be it in recovering when you are ill, being successful in a certain sport, or even achieving at work or in your education.

In conclusion,

Keep your mind focused on your dreams like a laser beam. Shine in any sphere in which you choose to exert yourself. Your ability is something rooted in your mind, your capabilities are programmed in your mind. We are all born with a certain ability but we grow that ability through hard work and effort.

Your mind is your powerhouse, use it to change your life and your circumstances. You hold the power to make yourself great and that power is rooted in your mind. Nothing ever achieved was ever achieved physically before it was mentally achieved. It has to be achieved mentally for it to be achieved physically.

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