Chase Your Dreams!


You cannot pursue your dreams in the side lanes. You cannot pursue your dreams like a spectator on a soccer game; watching and jeering from the side benches. You have to be involved, you have to be part of them, and you have to make them happen.

Do not take the easy road because the easy road leads to a hard life. If you still have some fight left in you then get up and fight, do not give up! Life is challenging, and dreams are hard to pursue but you have got to choose. You have to choose whether you will be amongst the quarter that doesn’t give up or among the ¾ that gives up. Because the quarter that doesn’t give up shall employ the ¾ that gave up and pay them with the ¼ that will be left after their spending. So choose wisely!

How hungry are you?

You need to have an insatiable hunger to make your dreams a reality. If you are hungry enough then you are willing to do the things that others are not willing to do. You become unstoppable. If you are hungry enough then giving up is not even an option for you.

How hungry are you to fulfill that dream? Because if you are hungry enough; Your dream should tell you what time you get up, your dream should tell you whom to hang out with, and your dream should tell you what you are supposed to do and what you should not do. It will tell you which places you are supposed to go to and which ones you should avoid. If it doesn’t do that then it’s not worth chasing after.

Many a time people have a plan B. Why do you need a plan if A is all that you need? There is no reason for having plan B because it destructs plan A. Do not destruct yourself from doing the things that you know you need to do or settle for the ordinary when you can put in that extra. Do not aspire to live a life of mediocrity when you can be more. Why aim to make a living when you can make a difference? Because that’s exactly what the world remembers; it may forget your life but it will surely never forget the difference you made.

Sharing your dreams

I’ll start with this, if you feel the need to convince someone about your dream, it’s probably the wrong dream. The only reason you would need justification from someone else is that you need to justify it to yourself.

 You may share your dreams with a lot of people but not everyone is gonna subscribe to them. In chasing your dreams you may also start with many people but you should thank God if there will still be anyone left by the time you finish. Most people will not be willing to wait, most people will not be patient, and the rest will not even believe in your dreams but that’s okay because they are your dreams.

Never waste time trying to convince people to believe in what you believe in, those who believe will believe and those who don’t will not. Stop chasing people and start chasing your dreams. Most times those you chase are the ones who will talk you out of your dreams. It does not matter who has given up on you, as long as you don’t give up on yourself, you will be alright.

My personal story

Whenever I feel like quitting I remember all those who said I will fail and are waiting to tell me, “we told you so.” When I felt like giving up I remember all those who say I will not yield to anything. I am more encouraged by those who don’t believe in me than those who do. So whenever I feel like quitting on anything, I remember all those who are watching, not because they are cheering me up but because they are waiting to laugh at my failures. Therefore, I will not quit and I do not quit!

Unfortunately, the world only offers its ears to those who have already walked the journey.  Once your sweat starts yielding results, the world will stop and listen to you. So you have to fight, you have to persevere, It’s not gonna be easy, it’s not gonna come cheap, it’s gonna come at a costly price and sometimes you are gonna lose your close friends and relatives because of your dream, Sometimes it’s gonna cost you your life partner but does not stop, if people have to leave you because of what you believe in then let them go, they have no business being in your life.

About Challenges

First of all, if you think it’s too hard, then you are right. It’s not supposed to be easy. If it were easy, everyone would achieve their goals. There is nothing easy in life that is worthwhile. Nothing is gonna just come to you or fall on your lap, you have to chase it. But even though hard, if you are doing what you really love you will love the process. A dream should be something you jump out of bed for and something you work on for 16 hours every single day and love every second of it. It becomes a need.

No matter how strategic you are, challenges will come and no matter how cautious you are, mistakes will be made. But if you shun challenges and mistakes then you shun achieving. Everything good in life begins with a challenge and in the process of achieving, mistakes are inevitable. You have to follow that dream with all your strength and all your might. If the dream decides to go through the fire, you will walk through the fire with it, if it decides to go through an ocean, you will swim through the ocean after it, if it decides to go through mountains, then you will climb those mountains to catch it. Pursue it, pursue your dream, with everything that you have.

Above all,

Your desire to fulfill that dream should be greater than any other desire you may have. Because there are days you will have to sacrifice your sleep, your food, your friends, and even yourself in order for you to achieve.  That moment when you just have to push yourself, just one more chapter, one more weight lift, one more mile, one more portrait, one more person to help, one more dollar to make. Your dreams have to be sweeter than anything you may ever desire.  Because results do not lie, if it is hard then do it hard!


Two key assets to chasing your dreams

  1. Be disciplined (even when you don’t feel like it, you are gonna keep on doing what you are supposed to do)
  2. Be consistent (Even when it seems like the road is not leading anywhere and you are going on in circles, keep on doing what you are supposed to do every day.

Ever thought of how all those Nobel Laureates reached the point of achieving their life-changing discoveries? I want to know how they manage to do it, from the start to the end without giving up!

Our major challenge these days is we are a very impatient generation that tries something once and if it doesn’t work the second time, we consider it a failure. How did Thomas Edison manage to keep making a bulb after failing a thousand times? What made him not give up?

Achievement comes when you have to wake up every day and fight the same giants that made you tired the day before. Press on even when it seems there is no more hope or anything to fight for. Even when it seems like you have lost everything and you are left with nothing, press on. And when your very last plan doesn’t seem to work, keep pressing on.

Days will come when you will not feel like getting out of bed. Days, when you will just feel like you have been run over by a bus, and all you wanna do, is just find somewhere to bury yourself silently and vanish away forever But it is during such days that your dream should be revived in you.

In conclusion

Whatever you think is your limit, push past it, whatever you think is possible, push past it. See if you can get an extra percent out before you give up. Because the breaking of old set boundaries is the creation of new terrains.  When you feel like quitting remember why you started, and why you are doing it. Remember pain is temporary but greatness lasts forever.

I dare you this week to keep going after your dreams and keep aiming at what matters. That dream is the only thing that will separate you from the rest. It’s not gonna be easy but I can tell you that, but trust me, it’s gonna be worth it. Make an oath to yourself that you will not quit because it has gotten harder or difficult or painful!

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