Humility Is Wisdom

We always hear about how success comes through hard work, persistence, and all other things. However, nobody ever talks about the great virtue of humility that attracts so much success in life. It does not matter the position you hold in life or how fat your bank account is, you need to be humble. People always remember the polite nature of the person they met. It’s the same polite nature that makes us feel warm inside when we think of that person. Behavior can actually make or break a person.

Humility means self-nullification and it comes with selflessness. As Rick Warren said, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” It is a place where you give your ego a back seat. The ability to put your ego on a tight leash. Talent and passion can move you forward but humility keeps you focused. It may look like a weakness from the outside and is perceived to be so many a time. However, humility is a strength that leads to success.

A few pointers on why Humility is good

1.  It helps you to keep learning and improving

You are always curious and can easily acknowledge that you do not know everything. Humble people find it easy to admit that they don’t know and they are open to criticism and new ideas. Success is temporal…if you want to keep improving in life, stay humble.

2. It helps you attract and retain associations as you accept that you err as other humans

You are not ashamed to confess your errors and ask for forgiveness. Confidence is very attractive but overconfidence makes you very repulsive. It’s okay to be wrong about something but most importantly it’s important to admit that to others. This shows others that you have self-respect and also value and respect the opinions of those around you. Nobody wants to be around an arrogant person who always gives excuses and diverts blame.

3. It gives you inner peace

You are not constantly fighting within to hide your errors from yourself and others. So you use less energy trying to repress unwanted or negative material.

4. It helps you succeed. You are not the smartest, strongest, or best in everything

An ‘I know it all’ kind of mentality leaves you lonely with nobody to help, teach or offer you any advice. n order for us to achieve, we often need help. We need to reach out to others even if we are independent. People are willing to help you if you are humble enough to admit that you need help.

5. Humility helps you to let go of unwanted things and emotions easily

Pride holds you from admitting that things are beyond your control and it leads you to stress and depression.

6. It gives you a clear perspective

Humble people often take time to look back and acknowledge where they are coming from which gives them a clear perspective of where they are going. As I always say, “Remember your roots, they help you grow your branches”.

7. Humility earns you respect from those around you

The more you acknowledge and value people around you, the more they do the same to you. No wonder why they say, respect is earned.

Some qualities of Humble people

1. Openly speak their minds

They are not under the fear of being wrong so they take the risk to be corrected and thereby improve themselves, their opinions, and their decisions.

2. Always show gratitude

They always say thank you for a service rendered, be it after eating in a restaurant or after their office has been cleaned by their helper, they always take the time to say thank you to those who have helped them.

3. Adopt the servant leadership approach

They believe they are a whole together with others. They realize the contributions of those around them. Servant leadership Provides those being led with the atmosphere to grow and excel.

4. Use fewer “I’s” and more “We’s” in their speech

5. As they speak of their achievements, they have the ability to acknowledge all those who helped them and do not just brag to have done it all by themselves.

6. Are accountable

They never make excuses or divert the blame. They own up to mistakes and faults even if the mistake or fault were a group’s effort.

7. Seek help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it actually shows inner strength. Humble people are vulnerable enough to admit they need help and confidence enough to ask for it.

8. Have self-awareness

They know their strengths and weaknesses and accept their weaknesses without being defensive. Therefore they view their weaknesses as an area of improvement and surround themselves with those who complement them. Even if they may be considered foolish, they don’t mind as long as they can learn.

9. Are respectful

Humble people treat everyone with respect, regardless of the person’s role or title.

10. Are genuine and authentic

They are the same people in their personal life and in public.

11. They nature relationships by accepting others’ strengths and weaknesses without being judgemental. Seeing more in people through their intrinsic values than the outward materialistic things

12. Are good listeners

Our ears are always open so that we keep listening. There is nothing more annoying than conversing with someone who is just interested in getting their words out. Somebody who does not listen but just waits to speak. Humble people do not try to dominate a conversation or talk over people, rather they take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

As John Wooden said, “Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful.”

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