Achieve more by doing Less

There is no need to have a to-do list that is as long as the Nile River and then ends up not accomplishing anything. You need to understand that even though you can do everything but you cannot do it all at once.

The more goals you set, the little you are likely to achieve. Commit to fewer goals, focus on them, and then put all the energy towards accomplishing them.

I used to fall into that trap of Nile River’s long to-do lists. Just by looking at my to-do list, I would feel overwhelmed already and procrastinate on everything. Until I realized this little trick that I am about to share with you.

4 steps to achieving more by doing less

1. Set fewer goals

Nile River –long to-do lists must fall! They will only make you feel overwhelmed and too pressured to do anything.

2. Set smaller tasks

A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. Set smaller achievable tasks. Huge unachievable tasks will only leave you frustrated and disappointed.

3. Set variable tasks

If you are like me then you will agree with me that routine things are quite monotonous. Strike a    balance between different tasks.

4. Take breathers in-between tasks

This refreshes you and gives you a fresher perspective and a new outlook on what you are doing. It makes you more productive. Productivity goes up the more we work until we begin experiencing diminishing returns.

Small by small pieces, we can eat a whole elephant but if we take large chucks, we are more likely to get choked. The less you work, the more you become productive at what you are doing.

So this year I decided that I would set fewer goals. I am finding that my list gets ticked off more and that motivates me to do more. Unlike my long list which I usually left nothing more than a wish list.

I have since realized how tiny lists can lead to great accomplishments and when it comes to setting goals, believe me, less is more.

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