Stop Complaining!

Even if you argue that you are the happiest person in the world, you still complain sometimes. There are days when everything seems to go wrong, and complaining is the easiest thing to do. It’s easier to complain instead of fixing a problem, like quitting a job or having a talk with someone. But I find that when you try to see things from a different perspective and challenge yourself to stop complaining, it is possible!

We all complain at times but for some folks, it seems to be a way of life. We all need that opportunity to vent out, once in a while, when we are stressed about something or depressed, or frustrated by something or someone but for chronic complainers, It’s their default communication, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed. Chronic complainers complain about anything and everything. If you feel you complain too much or you have been told so, you need to stop! It will destroy your personal and professional relationships. There is nobody who wants to be around somebody who sucks them out of energy and motivation.

Complaining incessantly to anyone who will listen to us–while simultaneously wallowing in the negativity for an indefinite period of time, without any desire or interest in solving the issue, can no longer be an option.

Many of us have a mental habit of complaining. We might not even realize we’re doing it but life stresses force us to do it. But no matter how justifiable we try to sugar coat it, complaining never achieves much. It affects our health negatively and brings a sense of sadness and dissatisfaction in our lives.

If you want to live a happy life, then stop complaining! Gratitude is an antidote for complaining.

 What to do instead of complaining

1. Be grateful

Have a positive attitude about your life. Remember, life is all about perspective. Our brains tend to gravitate toward all the negative things in our lives and ignore the positive ones. Even though you may have so many things going wrong in your life right now but you surely have something to be grateful for, focus on that! Count your blessings. No one has it all, we just need to learn to be grateful for what we have and find ways to live without what we don’t have. If you can’t change the situation then don’t waste time complaining about it.

2. Take action

Complaining often shows how dissatisfied you are with something that you also believe you can’t change. Instead of complaining, take action. Seek solutions, and do something about the situation. Complaining won’t change a thing unless you take action. It is a futile exercise, you need to address the problem instead of just complaining about it.

3. Learn to adapt or be resilient

The only sure thing about life is that nothing stays the same forever, be patient. The change will definitely come, whether it’s tomorrow, next month, or next year. Learn to graciously accept life with what it offers, the good and the bad. You cannot receive only the good without the bad, life is a basket that encompasses everything.

4. Be mindful of your thoughts

Sometimes we are so used to complaining that it turns into a habit. We may even find ourselves doing it unconsciously. Be mindful of your thoughts.

5. Seek understanding

Sometimes the only reason why we complain is that we do not understand the situation fully. Especially complaints we often make about others. If we seek more understanding before complaining, it may help us relax and stop us from complaining so much. Because our complaints are mainly based on our judgments.

What I have come to learn is when you are a chronic complainer you are reinforcing everything you are unhappy about to your subconscious mind, then guess what….Yeah then life gives you plenty to complain about and that is no coincidence.

It takes time to learn patience and practice patience, above all, to change our habits but with enough effort, it can be done. Change starts with awareness. How often do you complain and what have you done about the situation?

Complaining is tempting because it feels good at the moment, but like many other things that are temporarily enjoyable, enjoyable it doesn’t result in much good.

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