10 Ways of Staying Positive During Lock-down

As many countries are currently implementing the lockdown strategy to combat the spread of the coronavirus and social distancing is being emphasized, the psychological toll is becoming more apparent and it cannot be neglected. What does that mean for us individually? Lives have been disturbed as normal routines have been disrupted. With feelings of uncertainty, emotions such as anxiety and depression are unavoidable.

These are abnormal and stressful times for the whole world.  There is no playbook for the coronavirus or any guideline on how isolation should be done, social distancing implemented, hospitals prepare or when all this is going to end. Much of what we are doing is off the cuff.

Nobody knows when this is going to end or how it is going to end. The lockdown periods may be extended and what does this mean for us? We feel robbed of our freedom and decision-making power. But instead of waiting like pons in a chess game, we need to do something to help ourselves cope and stay positive. I have compiled a list of some tips on how we can do this during this pandemic or other situations that may be beyond our control in our lives.

10 Ways of staying positive during the lockdown

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Do not suppress how you feel or try to push it away in the expectation that it will disappear. Feelings don’t go away by denial, they need to be addressed. No one has experienced this therefore everything you are feeling right now is understandable. Allow yourself to experience those natural emotions without judging.

2. Manage your feelings

This can be done by finding things to do that uplift your mood. You can listen to your favourite music, read a book or prepare your favourite dish. This will help you take your mind away from the current pandemic and make you feel in control.

3. Use the time to develop yourself

If you have ever wanted to learn anything but never got the time, utilise this time of lockdown to do it. Most courses are being offered online even under lockdown, do what you have always wanted to do, you have the time.

4. Turn your actions into a routine and maintain it daily

Maintaining a daily routine will give you some form of normalcy and this is relaxing. Keep it simple but have your morning, noon and evening goals in place. Don’t be hard on yourself, keep it simple and pleasurable.

5. Stay connected with your loved ones

If you have ever needed to be in contact with your loved ones, this is the time when you need it the most. You may be physically away from each other but do not isolate yourself emotionally, that is your support system.

6. Limit social media

It is important that we keep a connection with our social networks and get information but we need to limit the time spend on social media. Most people are in a panic mode and posting about the coronavirus, the increase in infection and death rates, you do not need to subject yourself to more pressure than you are already feeling. Social media can become too overwhelming during a time like this.

7. Help others

Helping others gives us a sense of relevancy and this translates into some form of happiness. It gives us a sense of purpose and makes us feel wanted. You can give food, clothes or just your time by sparing a moment to say hello to a neighbour.

8. Get help

If you are failing to manage the pressure, get help. There are many counsellors and psychologists who are offering services online. While they may not be free but many of these services offer lower-cost alternatives to traditional psychotherapy.

9. Do some exercise

Even though you may not be able to access the gym, just find some physical exercises that you can do around the house. There are many online videos regarding this, find those that work for you and implement them. Exercise is beneficial for helping with reducing stress levels and boost your overall mood.

10. Keep breathing

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, knowing that it’s going to be alright. Your breath is the most important thing right now.

Let us continue doing what we can to keep a positive mind throughout this. If you feel that you are failing to cope, Psyche and Beyond  offers online counselling to aid individuals and communities during this pandemic

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