We are all essential workers

For as long as many can remember, humanity has never been to a point such as this; a point when physically getting close to someone would be considered a danger and a risk. But, here we are, faced with this enemy who has defied all our rules about being social beings. An enemy who if he attacks one of us, we can’t even be there for them. They get separated from their family and friends to fight this enemy alone in isolation. It’s disheartening that at a time when one needs family and friends the most, this is the time when one has to be separated from them for what’s termed ‘public safety.

What a cliché and weird time to be alive; a time when you show your love and care for someone by physically distancing yourself from them. We can’t have handshakes, cuddles, or kisses with our loved ones and even visiting our own families and friends is now considered a health risk.

We are social beings

As human beings, we have always been social beings, even though we often may not realize it because most of the time, it just happens without us putting in any effort. We have this gluttonous desire to be close to each other. How can we ever get enough of that warm feeling that sweeps over us when we get a hug from someone we love or ignore the assurance and encouragement that we feel when we get a pat on our shoulder from someone who believes in our potential?

We desperately need that right now and yet this is a time when we can’t have it. Any form of gathering has been declared a social risk and legally, an offense. Graduation and wedding ceremonies have been postponed indefinitely. All celebrations have been put on hold, births and deaths are occurring in isolation as if they don’t matter and grievous moments are being stomached with little or no family and friends’ support. New lives are beginning and existing valued ones ending in isolation.

Whilst our medical research teams all over the world are working tirelessly to find a vaccine for this virus, what can we also do to help one another? Have we run out of options yet, No! I refuse to believe that. How about we keep our own end of the stick by offering each other what we have?

No matter how much of an introvert anyone may think they’re, we still need others. No man is an island and that being said, no man is immune to the dire need for others’ love, care, and attention.  It is really a trying time; stress and anxiety levels are rising, depression is deepening and mental health problems escalating. We need something that we can all hold on to.

The question is, ‘What can we hold on to when all seems bleak?’

Here is the Answer – ‘Our humanity!’

We need to strengthen our human bond

  1. If you have never heard of the word humanity in your life, then it’s time to research it. Because that is the rope we have to hold on to and stretch to others right now. Throughout life, we have created walls amongst us, to differentiate us from others.  We have created statuses and classes that we thought mattered but this virus has come and equalized us all. It reminded us that we are all mortal beings after all and the rope that connects us together is far stronger than the lines we draw to try and divide ourselves.
  2. If you have never cared that much, this is the time you may need to start caring.
  3. If you have never been compassionate, this is the time you may need to start practicing it.
  4. If you have never been kind, this time calls for huge amounts of that.
  5. If you have never been careful about what you share on social media, this is the time you should start assessing the impact of your posts on others.

We may not be essential workers allowed to go out there during this lockdown but, I BELIEVE WE ARE TO OURSELVES, ESSENTIAL WORKERS IN EACH OTHER’S LIVES! You will be surprised by how much you can impact somebody’s life right now by undertaking certain seemingly simple actions.

10 Points of action

  1. BEGIN WITH YOURSELF; be positive and work on your mental health first!  I am a huge subscriber to my school of thought which states, “ If you are not at your best self you are not of much use to anyone anyway” ~ Theresa Rashai
  2. If you are on lockdown with your family or friends or anyone for that matter, check up on them. Discuss how they feel about everything. Offer a listening ear and a shoulder for them to lean on. Do not assume to know how they feel. You will be stunned to learn what they are going through deep down, even though they may pretend to be happy and okay outwardly.
  3. If you have family or friends who are locked down somewhere, please reach out to them. Use the different media we have and check on how they are copying.
  4. If you have neighbors (which I assume we all do), please check out them and see if they are well.
  5. Help, help, help! If you have anything extra to offer someone find out who needs it and assist them. It may be food or other necessities, to help someone out. You will be amazed by what impact you may make in someone’s life just by giving them those things you do not even consider “so important” to you.
  6. Regardless of your religion, call unto the powers that be above you for intervention. The world desperately needs this, now more than ever!
  7. Be courteous with your actions, polite in your speech, and cheerful in your contact. Can you choose to be somebody’s light during this dark period? Can you be a sunshine to the world during these cloudy days? Remember to smile often, it’s contagious!
  8. Be patient with one another. Everyone is going through the most at this point in time and we handle it differently. Do not judge those who are handling it differently from you. Rather be grateful that you are handling it better and practice patience with others.
  9. Stop instilling fear in others. If you are not an official channel for delivering the news about this virus please stop acting like you are the newly appointed World Health Organization’s spokesperson. People are already bombarded with too much information regarding the death toll and the impact that this virus has had on the world. What people need now is not more sad news but positive words. Speak words of hope to others and only share what’s necessary.
  10. Forgive when others hurt you through their speech. When human beings are placed under strain, they act and speak out of frustration so do not take it to heart. People are failing to handle the anxiety that this moment has brought upon them.

Let us hold on to each other, we are all that we have!

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