Reward yourself, you deserve it!

One of the most little appreciated people in our lives is ourselves. We often take time to appreciate everyone else and forget that one person that deserves it the most, ourselves. Don’t wait for anyone to give you a pat on the back and speak kindly to you or give you a little gift when you have achieved something. No matter how small, reward yourself.

You need to be able to reward yourself.  When you’ve accomplished a goal or mini-goal, you should celebrate and reward yourself. It doesn’t need to be something big but at least let the thought be rooted in you that you too deserve to be celebrated and rewarded. Below I have put up some ideas on how you can reward yourself.

10 Ideas for rewarding yourself


1. Take a rest

In our everyday life, we are always trying to improve and become the best version of ourselves that we can be by achieving more, and rest is often neglected. After an achievement, how about you give yourself some time off to just relax and rest?

2. Watch your favorite show or a movie

I am one of those people who hardly have time to sit down and watch TV. How about rewarding yourself by watching TV, that nice movie or series that you have always wanted to watch but never thought you had the time or one of your favorite shows?

3. Visit a beauty spar or get a massage

You too deserve to be pampered once in a while

4. Indulge yourself

Treat yourself to some chocolate, if you are a chocolate lover but you are always feeling guilty to eat chocolate. Reward time is the best time to indulge yourself. I am a fruit person, I indulge myself in fruits as a form of reward. You can even get yourself a nice takeaway of your favorite dish or even an eat-in. Blend yourself your favorite smoothie or make yourself that cup of strong coffee that you have been craving for.

5. Get some inspirational pack

If you are a bookworm, how about buying yourself that favorite book that you have always wanted but always felt guilty that you have too many books already? Or buying that motivational video or article?

6. Have water therapy

Go for a swim or take a bubble bath, with lots of salts, water has a healing effect on our bodies.

7. Download or listen to your favorite song

Have a glass of wine whilst listening to some good music.

8. Spend time with a loved one

Just catching up on life and not discussing anything serious.

9. If you are strong and you enjoy it, you can go window-shopping

I never go for those, otherwise, I will end up impulse buying or heartbroken when I see something I really want but do not have the money to buy it.

10. Visit a museum or go to the beach

You can take a walk in the park and have yourself a picnic.

It doesn’t have to be something big, otherwise, you will go broke but you seriously need to take time to reward yourself for every little success that you achieve. Just think of something that gives you pleasure, makes you happy, and appreciates life more but you have never felt you are deserving enough to indulge yourself. That will motivate you to do more.

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