Turn unproductive days into productivity

We all have our lazy and unproductive days. Different circumstances can cause this. We just wake up and realize we don’t feel like working on our to-do list.  It’s like our motivation has flown out of the window. Most of us go through these cycles and by the end of the day we feel guilty that you have wasted an entire day. But you don’t have to, below I have shared ideas on how you can turn an unproductive day into a productive one.

17 things you can do to turn unproductive days into productivity


1. Find something fun to do

If you’re feeling unmotivated, it may just be that the things on your to-do list are boring you, and thinking of them just drains your energy. How about you find something that excites you and have fun doing it. You can also engage in your hobbies.

2. Just relax

Maybe that rest is just what you need. We always feel so guilty about relaxing without realizing that relaxing is a very necessary requirement for our bodies. You need that rest to relax and rejuvenate.

3. Take a walk

I can never emphasize enough the benefits of walking but if you feel demotivated, try taking one and you will appreciate it. It refreshes your mind.

4. Take a nap

At times our minds just need to shut down from the harshness and pressure of the real world. How about you just take a nap and allow your mind to relax?

5. Listen to music

I am one person who loves music so much and I have seen that it does wonders for me. If you have your favorite music, just relax and listen to it. You will feel motivated afterward.

6. Get creative

Be creative and make something. Forgive me, I am an art addict. How about you try crafting or doing recycled art? You can also do painting or even drawing. Focus on what you can create during the time you have.

7. Volunteer

Organizations are always desperate for help. If you have the time, consider this. Volunteering can be a great way to learn new skills and build connections. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about. You can even volunteer online. By sharing your skills or offering your services to an organization, such as performing web work for a non-profit organization or writing newsletters for a charity organization.

8. Do something you have always wanted to do but never had time for it

There are those things that we always think of doing but never seem to have the time to do, this is the time. Maybe you have always wanted to try baking, cooking, dancing, or even learning a new language. This is the time to do it.

9. Connect and reconnect with your loved ones

When we are busy, our relationships suffer. Use this time to visit family and friends. You can also try and reach out to those you haven’t been in touch with for a while or meet new people. We all need someone, take time to build your personal relationships and bond with your loved ones.

10. Visit places around

These can be from historical monuments, and theatres to shopping malls or restaurants. You will be surprised by what you will learn.

11. Read

Read or research something that interests you. You can easily get a book online, walk to the library, visit your nearest bookstore or borrow from a friend. A good book has the ability to take you from your real world to another one. Your free time will become more productive as you catch up on reading. You gain new knowledge and new perspective, you can even improve your vocabulary along the way. There is always something to read. From books, blog posts, newspapers,s or articles.

12. Watch motivational videos or listen to motivational audios or books

As they say, motivation is like a bath, we need it every day.

13. Spend some time in your personal care

You can do your facials, and your nails, or even pack and iron your clothes. These are things we often push aside during our busy schedules.

14. Declutter

You can work on anything that needs decluttering, from your emails, your electronic gadgets, your wardrobe, etc.

15. Show gratitude

Something we often take for granted, appreciating the people in our lives. Send thank-you notes to those people.

16. Organize your diary

Organize or reorganize your diary. Maybe there are dates and events you need to adjust after reflection. You may need to add or remove certain items as well. This helps you save time and be productive. You can read my article about organization. You can also record your goals which will help you to be focused in the future.

17. Take photos

If you love taking pictures then this is the time to do so. You don’t necessarily need to buy a camera, you can use your phone to just capture the things that draw your attention. If you are good with photography then you can even sell these on sites such as iStockphoto and make some money.

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