How to handle change

The only constant thing in our lives is change. Change is inevitable and yet so hard to accept. Mostly because it chucks us out of our comfort or familiar zones. But as Aristotle said, “We become brave by doing brave acts.”

Change can be stressful and frightening so much so that it can turn a time of change into a time of misery. We all go through times of enormous change; death, divorce, relocation, etc. It is often devastating and disturbing. When faced with change our minds are often crippled with fear. At other times our mind complains or gets angry and tries to look for comfort or regress to a zone in which it felt safe and comfortable. Because our mind needs to be in control, it seeks control of every situation. However, in times of change, this control may not be available. Therefore we need to train our minds to deal with change.

7 Steps on dealing with change


1. Understand the need and examine the consequences

You need to know and understand why there should be change. As for me, the relocation was because I had reached stagnation in my life because of the economic situation. And like that, if it’s a self-propelled change, in most cases there is some greater good or benefit that we will be expecting to reap. Remind yourself that. Even if it’s not self-propelled, something good can still come out of it if we embrace it well.

2. Accept the change

Do not try to resist it or run away because it will only make the process worse. Remind yourself why you have to change.

3. Devise ways of dealing with the change

Understand its consequences and how you can best adjust to it. Move away from your thoughts and perceptions and engage yourself in reality.

4. Choose the best way

You will notice that when you are prepared, change is not as bad as it may seem. You may even see a silver lining within the change.

5. Start taking baby steps

If you want to start a business, start by taking baby strides and doing everything that you can. Start with small things like creating your business plan and researching the business.

6. Reward yourself

I am an advocate of self-reward. Whether it’s internal or external reinforcement, I always feel this is the best part of appreciating myself. That moment when I can take myself out without feeling guilty about wasting money.

7. Find support

No matter what change you are going through in life, there are others going through the same or who have gone through the same and they can assist you. Find mentors or coaches or simpler still, you can get support from loved ones.

Change is necessary

Change is often scary because it is filled with uncertainty but it is our only way toward growth. I remember when I had to relocate I was filled with so much fear, I didn’t know what to expect. It was like I was giving up the life I had known for one that I knew nothing about. Being in a foreign country without knowing where I would get my first cent from.

The fear of uncertainty normally results in many people resenting or resisting change. However, sometimes change is our only option and we have to face it. The more we face it, the more we realize it’s not as bad as it seemed to be from the outlook.

If the future was certain, we would prepare against anything to come but unfortunately, the future is uncertain, therefore we just have to meet it with whatever we have.

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