This moment

As we go through our day, we’re often stressed because of all the things we have to do, and the things we’re not doing. We worry about how things will go in the future and feel we’re not good enough. As we compare ourselves to others and fall short of some ideal. We replay a conversation that already happened.  As Bill Watterson put it across, ‘We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.’ 

Sometimes we rush each moment because we’re on our way somewhere else or to something we think is more important. We let moments rush by without noticing them and our lives become a huge pile of unnoticed unimportant moments on our way to more important things. Tossing the important things aside until we’re left wondering where it all went. We are not on our way to a more important moment. This current moment is the most important moment. So take a pause to become aware of the actual reality of this particular moment. Feel the sensation of the moment. Imagine, if you only had a month to live, what would each moment be worth to you?  Practice this. Every action you take today, no matter how little, gives it weight.

Remind yourself, this moment is enough. It’s all we need, stop looking into the future. If there is any future to be lived, then this moment right here is an opportunity for that future. Accept it and appreciate it for what it is.

How can we savor the moment?

  • Allow yourself to relax in this moment.
  • Allow yourself to savor the privilege of being alive,
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and savor this moment. Realize that this moment is an opportunity. For without it, there is no future or past. The past is gone and the future is not yet come, this moment is all that you have.
  • Remind yourself and be at peace, whatever pains you have about the past, whatever anxiousness you hold about the future, they do not exist right now except in your mind, this moment you have right here is an opportunity.
  • Appreciate the moment more, and be fully present and grateful, knowing that the days are fleeting and precious, slipping away from us and not to be taken for granted.

Our life is what we create

Nothing happens in your life by chance. You attract everything with the energy and mindset you carry into your day-to-day life and life follows you. What we hold inside is the torch we have. Use it to light the path you need. If you have something meaningful that you want to do with your life, now is the moment. All life’s solutions exist at the moment. Consciously seek them. Life is happening now. Do not spend most of your life thinking about life, live it. Opportunities are available for you if you stay in the present moment.

The fragility of life

What if tomorrow is not guaranteed? Life is delicate, it can end at any time, cherish every moment. We don’t have all the time in the world to make our dreams come true. Live your dreams today for you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Shut down the continuous stream of thoughts and emotions that automatically rise within your mind, trying to make you regret the past or worry about the future.

We live in a world where people are diagnosed with deadly diseases every day. Accidents claim more lives as well. A lot of young lives are being claimed by different tragedies these days. Life is precious but it’s not guaranteed. We should be thankful for every moment we get.

Every moment we have with our loved ones is precious and should be cherished. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and tomorrow may never come, let’s cherish this moment and live the life we have always wanted at this moment. Let’s spend time with our loved ones and not prioritize money. Even though we can make more money but we can’t buy more time with our loved ones once the clock has ticked off.

With this in mind, let’s enjoy this moment. By all means, let’s reduce quarrels and arguments, forgive one another, and cherish this moment. Let’s smile and laugh often and have as much fun as we can afford. Let us pay attention to our surroundings, enjoy what we see, listen to what we hear, and embrace this moment.

Practicing present-moment awareness can improve your life greatly. It can give a boost not only to your mind but to your health as well. It can increase your energy levels. Follow your dreams and be happy, make every moment count.

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