The perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas

I love Christmas and as we enter into the last quarter of the year, I can’t wait for it to be Christmas already!

My story goes like this; last year I had my nieces over for Christmas and I wanted to have the best Christmas with them, I wanted it to be perfect. So I planned everything, I went from buying expensive gifts to overstocking food and I was left broke. I didn’t even know how I was going to survive January.

After going through all that, I was disappointed to realize that my nieces didn’t even appreciate the gesture as much as I thought they should have. Guess what? I regretted it for the longest time. Then it struck me, it wasn’t about them but about me. I had put so much effort into planning to the extent of even taking away the joy that Christmas was supposed to bring. That is when I learned the 3 most important lessons below.

  1. Money is not what makes a Christmas enjoyable or memorable
  2. Expensive gifts are not worth the stress that we go through for them
  3. You can never plan a perfect Christmas

What is Christmas all about?

While some are not Christians but for Christians, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Christ. The greatest gift that humanity ever received. But how was this gift given to us? A virgin was becoming a first-time mother to a Messiah. With no best hospitals or doctors, all she had was a barn over her head. That’s as much as her loving carpenter husband could find and provide for her travailing wife. It was barely something yet nothing could take away the joy of the Messiah being born to the world. The story of God showing His own love to the world. That’s how He gave us His son and forever, that night will be a memorable one amongst Christians.

With the above reflection in mind, I just wanted to draw you to the deeper reflection of how much we can be able to show love without all the fancy, expensive gifts that break our budget. Also to show you that circumstances do not need to be perfect for us to enjoy Christmas! Even through simple gifts, we can be able to show love and create lifetime memories.

How about you limit your expenditure on buying expensive gifts that may not even be appreciated as much?  Do simple things that can be appreciated yet still, leave you worry-free about how you are going to survive the next couple of months?

In all you’re giving to your loved ones, do not forget the 2 most important gifts that they need!

2 Greatest gifts your loved ones need this Christmas

The greatest gift that your loved ones need this Christmas is YOU. Your love and your presence are the 2 best gifts you can give them. Nothing can ever replace that.

  1. Your Love

What they need above all else is to feel your love. Tell them how much you love them, and show them how much they mean to you through your actions. Today is not the day to be reserving those hugs and kisses. Give them your love, and let your smiles fill out the day. Those things may seem little but trust me, they go a long way in expressing your love for them. Consider their feelings.

  1. Your Presence

Make it a priority to spend time with them. It is worth every second trust me. There is nowhere better you can rather be right now than with those you love. Without you, their Christmas will not be the same.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and plan for an enjoyable Christmas!

I would love to hear from you about your Christmas ideas so please, leave a comment for me below, and may you also share the website with others.

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