The power of music

Our early connection to sound is an undeniable truth of music’s power. That’s why when babies are crying we sing lullabies for them and even when we try to get them to sleep, the power of music resonates with us all from a very tender age. The ear is active even in the womb before the eye is. Although many people want to visualize things in the world to make sense of them listening is much more important. In the same way, we can shut our eyes but our ears are always open.

We begin learning about music even before birth. I don’t know how I would personally survive without music, I love music throughout. When I feel good, I play music, when I feel sad I play music. When I am demotivated, I play music, when I’m motivated I play music. When I want to be more spiritual, I play music. Music is a part of me. There is literally music to soothe every situation and mood imaginable. Music is magical. It helps people cope with life.

Never underestimate the power of good music to your mood and productive juices. And also never underestimate the power of a wrong choice selection.

I don’t know if I should say music is spiritual or something like that. But what I know is that it has the power to create in our lives. If you spend the whole day listening to heartbreak songs, do you expect to find love, or if you spent your entire grieving moment listening to grieving songs, do you expect to find happiness? Be conscious about what you listen to, what are you listening to right now? It has the power to change your life.

No matter what culture we’re from, almost everyone loves music. We can all think of at least one song that, when we hear it, triggers an emotional response. It might be a song that accompanied the first dance at your wedding or a song that reminds you of something or someone.

Music heals, it has therapeutic potential. It can benefit our mental health. But increasingly, researchers are finding that the health benefits of music are huge. That is why some health experts are calling for music therapy to be more widely incorporated into health care settings.

Some potential health benefits of music

1. Reducing pain and anxiety

For patients who have undergone surgery. Those who played music after their procedure reported feeling less pain and anxiety than those who did not listen to music, especially if they can select the music themselves. Listening to calm, relaxing, self-chosen music reduces pain significantly. The therapeutic benefits of music are undeniable. Music is medicinal.

2. It relieves stress

When feeling stressed, you may find listening to your favorite music makes you feel better, and, there are numerous studies that support this effect. You can either choose to listen to slow music that decreases your heart rate and calms you down or listen to faster music that excites you and increases your heart rate. Music is a stress reliever

3. It motivates people

When soldiers are going to war, they sing war songs that help create bravery within them and motivate them to go fight. It helps produce endorphins, the happy hormones

4. It brings us closer to God

Regardless of which religion, one is, we all sing certain songs that draw us to the super being above us. It helps us understand our spirituality.

5. Music heals

6. It helps us memorize

Certain songs have the ability to remind us of certain periods or events in our lives, some that make us smile, and some we would rather forget.

7. Music breaks social barriers and connects people

I remember when I was in my final year in college and I attended the Hillsong Africa tour concert. As soon as the music started, there was no black or white person, no status or class differentiating people, everyone was dancing to the same rhythm.

Liking the same music can be both a topic of conversation and a tool for connection. Personalities can even be determined by the types of music people listen to. From country, soul people to rock or pop people.

8. Music helps us express ourselves

Call me old school but I still love it when someone dedicates a song to me and I listen to the words as if they are being spoken by the person to me. Music helps us to translate feelings and emotions that we sometimes find difficult to express using language.

9. It influences people

Ever wondered why gyms, restaurants, shops, or bars play music? They understand how much music can influence your thinking, mood, and behavior. Most adverts use music and in movies, it is used too to solicit an emotional response.

10. It educates us

There are a lot of things that we can learn from listening to music, be it about our history or culture. There are some teachings that we get from music maybe about the world, about our history. It is also used by kindergarten educators because they realize how easier it is to memorize a song than just random lessons.

As you can see music has been and will always be woven into the fabric of our society. There are many uses for music and it has much-hidden meaning and uses. Music is such a powerful tool and has so many effects on the human body and mind. We need to tune in to the power of music in our own lives.

11. Music gives us advice

There is that music that you listen to and you get advice from

12. Music incites creativity in us

13. Music motivates us

I would love to hear from you regarding the kind of music you listen to and how it helps you in your life so please, leave a comment for me below, and if you found this useful, please share it with others.

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