Let us restore faith in humanity

It’s amazing what a little kindness can do for you. It gives the receivers a great feeling about life and humanity. This prompts them to be good to others too.

Whenever someone does something nice for you, consider it a debt, that you need to repay. It may not be directly to the person but to another person. In any way, they may need help and you are able to assist. But greater still, be the one to initiate these acts of humanity and create a chain of kindness.

Kindness never gets out of fashion

Be courteous and kind to strangers.  Simple things like thank you and I am sorry can go a long way in showing humanity. The same as little acts like opening doors and giving your seat to an elderly or a pregnant woman may do. Offer your smile as often as you can.

I have faith in humanity. I meet people every day who are friendly, who do me kindnesses, who lift my spirits. Humanity is a wonderful thing. People are amazing, beautiful creatures.

Every once in a while, I ask for help. It is actually a habit of mine that I often ask for it to just make the other person conscious that I need them.

I need a friend

I could have formed an NGO but due to legalities, I could not do so. However, that does not stop me from helping with whatever I can. I do not need an NGO to make a difference, I can still do so as an individual. However, I can only do so much alone, I believe together, we can make a greater change. That is why I decided to run a forum on my blog for people to ask for help and for others to donate for a good cause.  I believe this act of kindness can go a long way and have ripple effects. So if you would like to be part of this making a difference forum, on the top of the blog there is a donate button where you can click and donate any sum of money you would like to.

Play your role

Although headlines are dominated by evil things happening in the world; shootings, xenophobic attacks, rape cases, kidnappings, and killings, it doesn’t mean that good things are not happening. How about you become the change that you would like to see in the world? If you would like to see more of humanity, how about you play your role?

We cannot rule out that there are people who have bad intentions in the world but we also cannot use their examples to paint all humanity in a bad light.

People around the globe post videos of their random acts of kindness. I think this inspires people to do good, and not just to believe in good.

Even though we may not all be Mother Teresa, and we fall somewhere in the middle, we could all still do some good and show some kindness.  Even if it’s just to our neighbors.

We can all change the world

By restoring faith in humanity, we can change the world for the better. Each of us has the power to create a chain reaction of good and every act we do can transform our reality into a better one. If we each individually take stock of our own lives and devote ourselves to changing things for the better, by committing our lives to do good.

We are all born receptive to love, kindness, and hope. As we grow up, we encounter the less hopeful, more challenging aspects of being human. This includes noticing world issues such as poverty and discrimination. We discover that the things human beings do at times can be hateful, calculating, and unkind. This can turn us cynical or leave us feeling helpless but remember, human beings are just as capable of the most incredible, amazing, and wonderful kindness and love.

Encourage faith in your fellow humans through your actions. Practice random acts of kindness. We are all responsible for the shape of our planet and the state of our world. To point fingers and blame others is to rid yourself of the responsibility. If you are exhausted by irredeemable people, be redeeming to someone else today. Change starts in you, and if all you do is spend your time focusing on what everyone else is doing wrong, you are contributing to the problem.

If you’ve lost faith in humanity, you are not alone, a lot of people are going through the same. Others have, and that means even more so that we need to make compassion, kindness, and love the priority in every interaction. It starts with you! It always has.

We need change and, as Gandhi famously said, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

I hope to be that change and I hope you will too!


I would love to hear your thoughts regarding humanity and how you think we can all make the world a better place so please, leave a comment for me below, and if you found this useful, please share it with others. 

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