Be still and win

In this chaotic world, the ability to remain still is a great action and a powerful tool. With everything that goes around, the hectic schedules of being a parent, an employee or business owner, a friend, an aunt or an uncle, or a leader among others, it is very hard to be still and if you can find it within yourself to be still then you are a strong person. The ability to find calm in the middle of chaos is a great strength. Stillness allows us to take control and it reminds us of what’s important.

One great way to practice stillness is through meditation. When you begin your day with meditation, you invite stillness into your life. Stillness means forgetting about everything else and focusing on breathing. Even during the day, when you find yourself caught up in hectic schedules, take stillness breaks. Just sit still for a couple of minutes and remind yourself of the importance of your breath.

I used to work in the same office with an Indian lady as my manager. She was very gifted in terms of words and on top of the pressure that came with my job, she never made it any easier for me with her constant yelling. A lot of people had been hired for the position and left as quickly as they came so when I started everyone didn’t think I would stay.

But I did! I worked with her for over three years until I left of my own accord and decided to start my own business. Everyone asked me how I managed to stay sane in that office and honestly I understood what they meant. My manager had this ability to push your nerves against the rocks and get straight into your head. She would give you a million things to do and still be adding another thousand every second. But my ability to be still through all that chaos helped me survive. So how did I do it? Below are a few pointers I will share with you.

1. Breathe in and breathe out

The breathing exercises seem way too simple but trust me, they do work. I would constantly pause, take a split minute, breathe in and breathe out then get back to my work. That stillness calmed me and gave me an oasis of strength from which I always drew from. It was like my antibody to all the noise, it was my remedy. In the end, we were the best of buddies and she didn’t even want me to leave.

2. Think from a higher perspective and act on your principles, not your moods

Every time my boss started yelling at me and I found myself frustrated I would remind myself that, “I need this job”. And that helped me to remain calm and not say something that would jeopardize my job.

3. Take a break and do nothing

When you feel overwhelmed, don’t rush to do the next task. Take a moment and simply do nothing. Pause, regain your energy, and then start again when you are more energized. Don’t even think about what your boss said to you.

I would step out of the office for a moment, go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water that I didn’t need, or walk to the bathroom to just stare myself in the mirror, just to regain my composure.

So what am I saying?

I am saying, it takes strength to find stillness when the world around us is a chaos of activity, but it’s a strength that’s in us, and we need only to find it. Be still, look within, and it will be there.

The world is already in a rush, you don’t need to jump onto the roller coaster. Chaos is all around us, and it can stress us out. It causes anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, procrastination, constant distraction, and the seeking of comforts like social media, food, shopping, games, and more. Be the calm center in the raging flow of life. Breathe, and re-center yourself, so that you become calm. It sounds easy but it’s not simple. It’s not simple but it is worth it.

We need not run to comfort or fear the chaos. We could be still, and find calmness and stillness with the uncertainty swirling around us. Peace is always available for us anytime we need it, it’s within us. Because peace doesn’t mean the absence of chaos but our ability to find peace in the middle of chaos. If we want, we can always be surrounded by stillness and serenity. Peace does not come by staying in a peaceful situation, but by being peaceful, in spite of all the chaos and turmoil around you.

You already have the ability to deal with whatever affects you. Listen to your instincts and you will learn all the wisdom that you need to live your best life.

As Lao Tzu said, “Activity conquers cold, but stillness conquers heat.”Let stillness become your most powerful action and, it could change your life.

I would love to hear from you about how you manage the pressure in your life so please, leave a comment for me below, and if you found this useful, please share it with others. 

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