Valentine For One

We all want to be loved, we all want to have that special someone in our lives.  In a perfect world, it would be so but the truth is, the world is far from perfect. Sometimes it’s a season of love and the only person surrounding you is yourself so what do you do? I say, Be your own valentine! I have written below some tips to help you get through this season of love when you don’t have that special person in your life.

How to be your own valentine

  1. It is quite okay to feel emotional about it. To feel like you are unloved and left out in all this valentine’s hype when you are all by yourself. Allow yourself to feel it, don’t block it.
  2. Don’t let the emotions drown you, there are still many more ways you can enjoy your valentine without having that one special person in your life.
  3. You are not alone in this, there are many going through the same emotions, so how about joining up with others who are in the same situation and making the best out of it? Make plans to do something with others and enjoy the best that life is giving you at the moment.
  4. Be someone’s ray of light. Many a time I have gone through the most difficult seasons of my life by being a ray of light to somebody. When I’m feeling down, I do something nice for someone and the joy it gives me it’s beyond what you can ever imagine.
  5. Change your perspective. Yes valentine’s is about love and we all need that one special person in our lives to make us feel loved and cherished but that’s not the only form of love available, self-love is also very important. Love yourself, do something nice for yourself and feel good about it.
  6. Honour the special people in your life. You may not have that one special person but rarely can you go through life without anybody that loves or cares about you. It may even be your pet. How about honouring them today and sharing your love with them?
  7. Remember, seeking help is also a form of loving yourself!

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