12 Benefits of Talk Therapy

12 Benefits of Talk Therapy

​​​As human beings, talking is one of our built-in therapeutic way of dealing with emotions, crises, or trauma. We use our words to express our feelings. Even if we may not be able to come up with a solution to what we may be going through. Be it a severe loss, chronic illness diagnosis, or relationship problem but talking about it still provides tremendous relief. Therapy may not make your problems go away, but you will find easier ways to cope with them and feel happier.

Benefits of talking

  1. It gives us an avenue to let out the emotions that we have bottled inside. Letting those emotions out helps us release the tension. Our issues can bury us if we don’t process them. Not working through your psychological issues is a recipe for disaster.
  2. It gives us an opportunity to speak to someone and have the comfort of being listened to by another human being. Sometimes all we need is just someone to listen to us whilst we empty our chests and hearts.
  3. It helps us get to share our emotions with others who may have gone through the same experiences that we are going through and know that we are not alone.
  4. It gives us an opportunity to listen to ourselves, hear our thoughts out loud and reflect on them. Which helps us with an opportunity to adjust our thoughts and feelings
  5. It helps us realize that when we say them out, thoughts and feelings are less ominous than when we keep them bottled inside.
  6. By saying it out, it may help us put a finger on what’s really going on and gain perspective and understanding.
  7. It helps us unbury the past hurts that may be holding us back from making progress in our lives. Repressed emotions do not go away. One day they have a way of resurfacing again and causing you even more pain and trauma. They will come back to haunt you.
  8. Therapy brings healing. Therapy offers a safe space to speak the truth without being judged. You can speak about the things you would not want to speak of with family and friends.
  9. The effects of therapy are long-lasting, and they are durable over years. Long after you have discontinued medication, therapy will still work for you because it gives you the tools to be able to cope.
  10. It saves you from passive aggression. When you deal with your emotions, they no longer have to seep out passive-aggressively. Sometimes undealt with emotions do not come out in a more direct manner but passively, for example, some people use sarcasm as a form of passive-aggression.
  11. It prepares you for the future. Therapy gives you the tools to use in order to cope with life problems that come regularly. It gives you the ability to deal with your emotions and thereby be able to figure out exactly how you feel in any given situation and you will be able to respond in a more proactive and less detrimental way.12.
  12. It helps you with your relationships with other people. Those who are at peace with themselves, are also able to build peace with others, and those who understand themselves are able to understand others better.

You owe yourself that much. Psychotherapy is a tool that is used for success, it addresses not only the symptoms but the root cause of the problem so, embrace it.

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