My Birthday Gift to You

Today I celebrate my birthday and I am really really grateful to be alive!!! I am not going to share anything much about what I have achieved as just the thought of being alive alone, especially under such difficult times is enough to make me jump around with joy. But as a tradition, which I do not wish to break, I will share with you one of my greatest milestones this past year.

My greatest milestone this past year

The greatest milestone I have taken from my previous birthday until now is my transition from a complete financial profession to more focus on mental health one (which has always been my passion). It hasn’t been an easy journey but I can tell you that it’s been worth every hurdle. When you live your purpose and your passion, every day is like a dream.

Without you, I would have no one to share this with so because of that, I owe it to you that I am the person that I am today and you all deserve a gift from me.

My birthday gift to you

As my gift to you, please write to me letting me know what you would want me to write about. I promise, with your permission, of course, I will give you the credit and mention that it was your idea and I can tag you on one of our social media handles if you would like.

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