The greatest yet most difficult remedy of pain

If there is one lesson that I will never forget from my mum is, ‘acceptance of things we cannot change.’ As human beings, we always want to feel in control and one of the hardest things for us is to feel that we are out of our depth.

Especially if you are somebody who holds high standards for yourself. You beat yourself up too much if you feel that there is nothing you can do about a situation. Unfortunately, as long as we are human beings, times like these will always hit us at one point or another. Moments when there is absolutely nothing we can do about a situation.

So what do we do in those moments? These are the moments I would dread talking to my mother the most because in these moments, even as grown-up as I am before I call her I know what she is going to say … in a very calm voice….”Tery, ACCEPT it”

Things happen in life that we have no control over, for example, the loss of a loved one, divorce or a breakup, being raped or abused, or a job layoff or termination, to mention but just a few. These things can lead to a lot of suffering.

Radical acceptance does not mean agreeing with what has happened. Instead, it means accepting it.  The more we try to resist what is, the more we suffer.

Part of the healing process means first accepting “what is.”.Once we are able to do that, then we are able to make the necessary changes to move forward.

We just need to acknowledge that regardless of who we are, in life there are things we just cannot change no matter how much we wish to do so.

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